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Five Tips to Encouraging Your Professional Car Sales Team

Do you sometimes feel like managing your sales team is similar to herding cats? The same qualities that make salespeople top performers, such as independence and ambition, can create a challenge when it comes to giving them direction. Today’s marketplace is more competitive than ever before. While the economy is showing signs of recovery, it’s still […]

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Winter Woes Beat Down Car Lot Sales for Spring

It seemed like the major snowfalls and bitter cold of last year’s winter couldn’t be topped. Unfortunately, this past February and March also saw another round of record-breaking weather in many parts of the country. One of many undesirable side effects was a negative impact on car lot sales trends. Automakers unable to hit forecasted sales With February […]

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Smartphones Change BHPH Buyer’s Tactics – Tips

The latest in car buying trends has nothing to do with make and model, luxury options or financing methods. Today’s tech-savvy buyers are browsing, comparison shopping, and even closing auto deals over their smartphones and tablets. This major shift in consumer behavior is forcing dealerships to adapt their marketing practices. Car shopping by the numbers It […]

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Spring Sales Look Good – Car Sales Are Up

Car sales are up for the start of 2015, thanks to a strong finish in 2014, getting another boost with the release of January’s numbers. Industry sales were up nearly 14 percent thanks to double-digit increases for all three domestic auto makers. Falling gasoline prices and easier-to-obtain credit are the two factors largely responsible for […]

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False Titles Land One New Jersey Car Dealer in Jail

The importance of following ethical standards in vehicle sales became painfully clear to one New Jersey man in recent dealer news. Defrauding customers led to a three-year prison sentence for 42-year-old Jonathan Olin of Manalapan. In August 2014 Olin pled guilty to second-degree theft by deception after he was charged with selling cars with fraudulent vehicle […]

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Hardening of Car Dealership Security Also Uncovers New Customers

Businesses using video cameras for both interior and exterior security is nothing new. Technology has advanced to the point where the cameras can actually serve as virtual sales associates as well. A pair of Maryland-based entrepreneurs have leveraged these benefits in their state-of-the-art car dealership security company. In 2011 President R.T. Arnold and CEO Rush […]

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