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Thank you for your form submission.

As long as the submission form is complete and correct, PositionPlus will ship a device to the qualified participants for FREE. Within 30 days, PositionPlus will contact the participant to verify that the device has been installed. Once installation has been verified, PositionPlus will issue a check to the dealership or finance company for $100. Each dealership or finance company can qualify for only 1 FREE PositionPlus GPS device, and 1 CASH reward.

Position Plus
1 Second Find | Simple to Use | Inexpensive


The PositionPlus Difference

Real-Time LocationReal-Time Data

Instant Vehicle Location

VerificationAddress Verification

Verify Client Addresses

Frequent StopsFrequent Stops Report

Reduce Repossession Time

Scheduled ReportsScheduled Reports

Critical Reports to Inbox