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Smartphones Change BHPH Buyer’s Tactics – Tips

The latest in car buying trends has nothing to do with make and model, luxury options or financing methods. Today’s tech-savvy buyers are browsing, comparison shopping, and even closing auto deals over their smartphones and tablets. This major shift in consumer behavior is forcing dealerships to adapt their marketing practices. Car shopping by the numbers It […]

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Spring Sales Look Good – Car Sales Are Up

Car sales are up for the start of 2015, thanks to a strong finish in 2014, getting another boost with the release of January’s numbers. Industry sales were up nearly 14 percent thanks to double-digit increases for all three domestic auto makers. Falling gasoline prices and easier-to-obtain credit are the two factors largely responsible for […]

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Vehicle GPS Tracking Revolutionizes the Repossession Industry

Think about the images conjured up by the world of auto repossession. Tough guys and private investigators tracking people down by various means, and seizing vehicles with dramatic flourishes. The stuff of reality television, at times. Now, technology is pushing this industry forward. GPS tracking systems can be found inside millions of vehicles in the […]

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Holiday Scheduling Tips

Five Dealership Holiday Staff Scheduling Tips

For auto dealerships and other businesses, the holidays are a double-edged sword. You’re wrapping up the end of another year, celebrating successes and gearing up for more increases. Employees are in a festive mood and you want them to enjoy the season, but it’s the busiest time of the year and you still have a […]

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Blog - The New BHPH Business Model - Are You Ready?

Vehicle Repossession Tips

Successfully placing customers in an automobile is a win-win for your vehicle financing company and your clients. It’s an unfortunate fact that you will inevitably encounter cases where the loan contract goes delinquent. When these situations can’t be resolved, repossession is the difficult but necessary final step. Vehicle repossession entails a number of challenges from […]

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GPS = Asset Protection for BHPH

Do you sometimes feel that managing your Buy Here Pay Here financing company is like walking a tightrope? You have to walk a fine line between maximizing loans while minimizing risk for asset protection. Our Next Generation GPS platform offers an efficient way to secure your assets with car tracking and comprehensive data provided by our […]

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