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Vehicle GPS Tracking Revolutionizes the Repossession Industry

Think about the images conjured up by the world of auto repossession. Tough guys and private investigators tracking people down by various means, and seizing vehicles with dramatic flourishes. The stuff of reality television, at times. Now, technology is pushing this industry forward. GPS tracking systems can be found inside millions of vehicles in the […]

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Blog - The New BHPH Business Model - Are You Ready?

Vehicle Repossession Tips

Successfully placing customers in an automobile is a win-win for your vehicle financing company and your clients. It’s an unfortunate fact that you will inevitably encounter cases where the loan contract goes delinquent. When these situations can’t be resolved, repossession is the difficult but necessary final step. Vehicle repossession entails a number of challenges from […]

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Consumer Trends

Consumer Debt Trends for 2014

Many people still consider debt to be a four-letter word, but it’s a major driver of our country’s economic health. Without debt most individuals would not be able to own homes, purchase big-ticket items like automobiles or pursue higher education. What Makes Up Consumer Debt? Consumer debt is defined as what an individual owes on credit […]

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Buy Here Pay Here Auto Repossession Tips

A Little History on Buy Here Pay Here

As banks and other lenders have tightened their loan requirements in the post-recession economy, some consumers have found themselves with fewer options for big-ticket purchases. Automobiles in particular are more of a necessity than a luxury, especially for individuals with families. Buy Here Pay Here provides an option for consumers who may otherwise not be able […]

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How Does Car Tracking Work

How Does GPS Car Tracking Work?

Navigators of long ago had to rely on elaborately constructed methods involving Earth-bound landmarks and positioning of the stars to keep track of their location. Later on, maps allowed for more portability but the information was static and often quickly out-of-date. Today’s travelers enjoy the convenience of sophisticated GPS tracking systems. They still rely on celestial-based data, […]

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