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Fight the Stereotype: Car Salesmen – Find Out the Top Things That Make Customers Wary

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BHPH Sales Tips to Help You Sell More Cars

You have no doubt heard all the jokes about car salesmen. Maybe you even tell a few of the best ones yourself. But it’s no laughing matter when customers take the stereotype seriously, making them reluctant to enter your showroom.

Certainly there are some untrustworthy car salesmen working today, just as there are in every occupation. Demonstrating a sincere interest in your customer and his needs is the best way to fight this damaging perception.

What are some of the specific behaviors that make people shy away from dealerships? Use these car sales tips based on customer fears to identify “hot-button” areas where you and your staff can improve.

• “Discussing monthly payments instead of total cost means they’re hiding something.” Most people have a budget in mind when car shopping. Putting the emphasis on monthly payments is a way to disguise add-ons and get a customer into a bigger expense than they can handle.

• “Salespeople ‘negotiate’ using a lot of double-talk that really means nothing.” Thanks to the Internet, car shoppers are far more savvy than they’ve ever been. They learn about the “four-square” method and other techniques that make it look like they’re getting a deal when they’re not.

• “I’ll get cheated on my trade-in.” Salesmen usually know up front how much money they are willing to spend on a trade-in. However, in an effort to devalue the vehicle in the customer’s eyes they will point out every small flaw, whether it’s relevant or not.

• “They want to nickel-and-dime me by loading the car with non-factory options that I don’t need or want.” Educated consumers also know that after-market add-ons purchased through the dealership are going to cost far more than they will elsewhere.

Repeat and referral business is a gold mine for car salesman. Incorporate these car sales tips to build a trusting relationship that will lead to loyal customers.

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