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PositionPlus for Vehicle Finance

PositionPlus’s Next Generation GPS Platform is positioned to help you, in the automotive lending industry, increase profits. We enable you with the required hardware and software technology to expand your lending portfolio and profitability.  Our technology gives you the tools to make your collateral, the vehicles themselves, much more secure, so you can price your loans where they need to be so you can capture more business.

The PositionPlus Platform encompasses easy to use real-time tools geared at the Vehicle Finance market, thus leaving you time to truly run your business while putting more money in your pocket.


The PositionPlus Next Generation GPS Platform Helps You:

  • Increase loans in the marketplace
  • Change client payment behavior
  • Offer lower rates
  • Collect more payments
  • Receive more payments on time
  • Reduce your overall costs
  • Increase profits

The PositionPlus Finance program offers the following items to its clients:

  • Starter Interrupt
  • Payment Reminder (optional)
  • Battery Back-Up (optional)
  • Drop shipping to dealers
  • White Label
  • API services
  • Custom Reports