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Quirky Guerilla Marketing: Give Your Dog a Wearable LED Device to Promote Your Business

Wearables have been a hot topic recently in the high-tech community. Of course, it hasn’t taken long for an enterprising company to adapt the concept for a unique guerilla marketing opportunity. You may soon be able to promote your business on the back of your own dog with an LED vest. With more businesses allowing dogs to come to work, why not take advantage of your pet-friendly environment and break the ice with prospective buyers with your dog working to seal the deal?

Is your pet a Disco Dog?

DachshundParty New York is a company that focuses on creative marketing methods using technology to bring emotional depth and “magic” to everyday products. Their latest innovation is Disco Dog, a wearable dog vest that links up to a user’s smartphone, allowing the LED vest to be programmed to display a variety of lights or messages.

A Kickstarter campaign was started to raise development funds and raise public interest in the product. With three weeks remaining, a total of $4,000 had been raised against the $15,000 goal.

How does Disco Dog work?

According to the Kickstarter page, Disco Dog is the first smartphone-controlled dog vest. The application contains several animated patterns along with a screen to enter custom text in thousands of colors that will scroll across the vest.

The company anticipates that the product will have greater appeal than just marketing purposes. Pet lovers can use it as a festive way of celebrating their dog as well as an effective nighttime safety measure. If a dog becomes lost, the owner can activate a “LOST DOG” message, prompting passersby to help out.

The future of Disco Dog

Right now the vest is in the beta phase as Party New York continues to work on the physical design and fine-tune the smartphone app. If the public is receptive, Disco Dog may soon be lighting up sidewalks and dog parks all across the country. How would you incorporate Disco Dog into your company’s marketing strategy?

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