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Software Features

Position Plus’s Next Generation GPS Management System© is rich with features and light years ahead of the competition. Our clients benefit from our team of developers that continue to stay ahead of the technology curve with the newest and latest developments in BHPH tracking technology.

Real-Time Vehicle Location


Instant Vehicle Location

  • Unlike the competition, our devices are always transmitting location data
  • Log on, select a vehicle, and the vehicle position will appear on map
  • You no longer have to waste valuable time waiting for device responses

Vehicle Impound Notification

Vehicle Impound Notification

  • Immediate Notification if vehicles enter an Impound yard
  • Import or create unlimited Impound locations to system
  • Example: Import 100 Impound locations, create one simple Impound alert, and  attach to “All Vehicles”
  • No more wasted time having to set Geofences to all your devices

Frequent Stops Report


Frequent Stops Report

  • View Frequent Stops to reduce repossession time
  • Powerful filters to view stops by date range and stop durations
  • Example: Show me most common stops over the last 90 days where the stop was greater than four hours

Scheduled Reports

Receive Scheduled Reports

  • Receive critical reports in your Inbox on daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Example 1: Send “Non Reporting Units Report” every Monday morning at 9AM
  • Example 2: Send “Vehicle Abandonment Report” everyday at 9AM Position Plus offers the most extensive suite of reports in the marketplace today



Flexible Alerts

  • Attach alerts to individual vehicles, groups, or all vehicles
  • View alert history by day, alert type, and vehicles
  • Attach individual recipients or “Contact Groups” to Alerts
  • Create custom Alert names
  • Assign alert validity windows

Address Verification

Verify Address References

  • Know if vehicles have traveled to specific addresses
  • Import or build client reference addresses
  • View “Reference Report” displaying if supplied addresses have been frequented and when
  • No more calling to verify supplied addresses


Software that is Built for your Business

Data Security

With Position Plus good data security means having effective processes and methodologies in place to maintain data integrity. Plus, data security is the assurance that information can only be accessed or modified by those authorized to do so.

Vehicle Recovery

Our dealers know that with a Position Plus GPS tracking solution they can recover a vehicle almost immediately which makes it a much-needed investment that pays for itself quickly. Locating a vehicle is as simple as a click of your mouse.

Scheduled Alerts

With Position Plus scheduled alerts, our clients know that when an issue arises with one of their vehicles that they will get notified immediately. Scheduled alerts keep you ahead of the curve and ahead of your BHPH customers…


Mapping is a crucial part of the Position Plus GPS tracking solution. You will be able to see and track the history of your vehicles, so you will know the patterns of your customers should you have to recover a vehicle at a moments notice.

Reduce Risk

Reducing your risk is the key to having a successful BHPH business. We at Position Plus know that and take your success to heart. Our GPS tracking solution will help you sleep better at night. For us, that’s what it’s all about… your comfort level.

Inventory Mgmt

Vehicle inventory is probably your highest expense. As well as your biggest concern. With Position Plus’s Next Generation GPS Management System© you have the complete inventory management solution that is technologically far ahead of our competitors. Giving you peace of mind.